Take a Fresh Approach to Your Financial Future

The company, Christine Messmer, P.C. is guided by values which are fundamental beliefs built into the business in everyday operations. The principles summarize the personal values and behavior expected of the Certified Financial Planner® practitioner and all employees of Christine Messmer, PC. This code is used in evaluating decision-making, problem solving, and behavior in business.

Principle One: Integrity

Integrity is trust, reliability and confidentiality in all matters.

Principle Two: Objectivity

Objectivity is impartiality, honesty and fairness in providing services.

Principle Three: Confidentiality

This is protection of inside information - client data and company data. It is restricted to persons on a need-to-know basis, such as the client's attorney, CPA and other advisors, when permission is granted from the client.

Principle Four: Excellence

Excellence is quality and diligence, which is a positive distinction in business.

Principle Five: Continuous Improvement

This is continuous assessment and evaluation of process and procedures, and it includes regularly ongoing education and training to keep improving value, competence and accountability offered to clients.