Take a Fresh Approach to Your Financial Future


Christine Messmer, M.S.F. CFP®, is dedicated to serving clients by offering objective, integrated and comprehensive financial advice. Since 1985, she has helped clients to meet life goals by guiding them in the prudent management of their financial resources by using the financial planning process. As a fiduciary, she consistently acts in the best interest of her clients, placing their interests ahead of her own. By focusing on their unique needs and circumstances, she provides clients with expert guidance to assist them in achieving financial independence and any specific types of goals which they envision and want for themselves. 

Ms. Messmer's objective is to understand and acquaint herself fully with your situation. Her approach is to obtain significant financial data and your attitudes, goals, objectives and feelings - what matters most to you. After a careful assessment and analysis of your situation, she will develop strategies for you to consider as options in moving forward. Moreover, she will assist you with implementation of your financial plans, periodically updating and reviewing them with you. Ongoing review meetings are crucial in that they help to monitor progress toward goals, maintain the momentum of implementation and allow for the flexibility of changing conditions.

As a CFP® practitioner, Ms. Messmer adheres to strict personal values and a Code of Ethics: integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism and diligence. She believes that clients should always be informed and proactive with their own financial affairs, and she promotes this value though regularly sent digital and print newsletters, content available on the company website - and through regular review consultations.

Ms. Messmer's expertise in financial management will help you to take a fresh approach in creating and continuing to shape your financial future in line with your values, goals, and dreams, and she looks forward to establishing a long-term professional relationship with you.